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DFE co-hosts 2010 People Teams Moved the Power Industry Award Ceremony
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On April 22, 2011, “2010 People & Teams Moved the Power Industry Award Ceremony” sponsored by China Power News and China Power Press Association was grandly held in Great Hall of the People in Beijing. Our company took part in this activity as the only co-hosting power enterprise and the President Yang Hengkun made a speech. Principal leaders of The State Electricity Regulatory Commission (SERC), China Electricity Council (CEC), SGCC, China South Power Grid and five major power groups attended the ceremony.

This activity is a selection of outstanding people and teams held for workers in the power industry across the country. It is aimed at greatly enhancing the spirit of the time, praising the new image of workers in electric corporations in the new period, and improving the industry spirit, ideological value and cultural value of the power sector. As the motto “cherishing environment and saving energy” goes, Dongfang Electronics undertakes social responsibility and achieves harmony with workers in the power industry. Meanwhile, the company’s vision enriches the contents of low carbon action plan, and thus the two bring out the best in each other.

In President Yang’s speech, he showed respect to the workers in the power industry for their professional accomplishment of loyalty and dedication and scrupulously abiding by the duty, and expressed the wonderful vision of working together with all people in the power industry to realize the objectives of clean power generation, efficient power transmission, dynamic power distribution and reasonable power utilization.