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Awarded Shandong Enterprise EAP Pilot Demonstration Enterprise
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Recently, National Physical and Psychological Health Education Management Center awarded the title of “Shandong Enterprise EAP (employee assistance programs) Pilot Demonstration Enterprise” to Dongfang Electronics.

In recent years, our company boldly explores new ideas for ideological and political work of enterprise in the new period, and leads the implementation of enterprise EAP (employee assistance programs) in Shandong Province. We established the platform and mechanism for employees and invited professional psychological counselors, and provide employees with mental health education, training, consultation and guidance gradually across the company, and provide all-round psychological service for all staff, thus gradually improving the mental health level of staff as well as the quality of life and work. Enterprise EAP resolves the anxieties of staff and unloads the burdens of their lives under the atmosphere of “respect, sincerity, warmness, positive regard and common emotion”, and thus it is supported and welcomed by all staff.

As the first “Shandong Enterprise EAP (employee assistance programs) Pilot Demonstration Enterprise”, Dongfang Electronics will timely summarize the experiences and lessons drawn from the promotion process of EAP, providing examples for enterprise EAP promotion of the whole province.