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DFE provide various armored removable AC metal-enclosed switchgear which is an indoor power distribution device with control, protection, and metering circuits for various voltage level. They are widely used in power plants, substations, and industrial and mining enterprises receive and distribute electrical energy.

The switchgear complies with the IEC298,GB3906,DL404 standard, protection level is IP4X.

Specification for KYN61-40.5 switchgear

Rated voltage kV 35
The maximum working voltage kV 40.5
Rated power frequency withstand voltage kV 95
Rated lightning impulse withstand voltage kV 185
Rated frequency Hz 50/60
Rated current A 2500
Rated short-circuit making current(peak) kA 80
Rated short-circuit breaking current symmetrical kA 31.5
Rated short-circuit duration 4s kA 31.5
The secondary voltage V AC/DC:220/110

Front view of KYN61-40.5 switchgear